What Trust Means to Me


1.  reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc of a person or thing; confidence.

2   the obligation or responsibility imposed on a person in who confidence or authority is placed
When I first received an invitation to Connect.me, I thought it was just another Social Media site. As everyone in our Social Media circles received them and our mailboxes where overflowing with notices that “I vouched for you in….” So of course, I went right to the site and joined up.

I read through the site and learned what all this vouching was about and realized this was not just another Social Media site, but probably the one that will mean the most to all of us, in all walks of life.

I received an email from Drummond Reed “Congratulations, you’ve reached Trusted status on Connect.Me, the second highest level of trust. Now we’re inviting you to apply for the top level-Trust Anchor”.

My reaction, WOW, that is so fabulous.  On Jan. 10, 2012, “so far only 100 users have qualified for this honor” My fingers and computer couldn’t move fast enough to get to http://www.Connect.me so I could apply for the Trust Anchor position. Why? Because I believe that trust is one of the most important things in a person’s character.

On Jan. 11, 2012, I received an email stating they had received it and I would hear back in a few days.

My friends were announcing that they had been accepted and I was wondering if I would be. So I sent out an email and poor Drummond was burning the midnight oil due, as he was trying to personally review the applicants to see who should be accepted.

I got my acceptance and from that day on, I do believe, I am looking at life in a new light. I listening more and thinking twice before I say something, for my internet reputation is there for all to see.

My motto has always been, Love the person for who they are not what they are. I changed the word love for trust.  TRUST the person for who they are not what they are.

Trust is such an important part of our life, should it be in business, in a relationship, caring for your child, just about anything, because without trust, you have nothing.

I am a communicator, or as my friends say, I like to talk and through my conversations, I get to know about the people in my numerous circles in Social Media and have grown to admire many of them and have great trust in them. And most of my associates are Trust Anchors as well.

Connect.me is relates to how I feel about trust. I don’t trust lightly. It’s not something I give all that freely. People need to earn my trust, it’s not a given, it goes hand in hand with respect.

Drummond had asked us to come up with the ten people we would give our first ten vouches to. Some of mine, I will never be able to physically give them a vouch,and others are not in the fields where they have the time to sit on a computer and work at building an online reputation. Yet their real-time reputation is the reason I trust these people, you will see how very important Trust is for me.

1. God. To Believe

2. Edward Somma, MD   He is my internist and the one doctor that helped me through the most trying times of my life. And I am still alive and healthy because of the trust I have in him.

3. Susan Racioppi, my friend and associate. She has guided me professionally in the real estate field and has given me insight that few ever had. We became partners because of that trust.

4. Mel Haskell is the founder and chairman of Haskell Technology. He is well-known in Staten Island, NY as a former  football coach for Curtis High School and for numerous community activities in the tri-state area. I respect this man greatly and he has gained my trust for his honesty, and integrity.

5. Barton Skurbe. Bart was the one man who never steered me wrong. He guided me in the right professional directions and showing me how  Social Media was necessary in my field as a Residential Mortgage Originator.

6. Edward Krisak, the man who believed I could fly if I put my mind to it. He gave me the strength to grow from a part-time teller to a  Branch Manager of a bank. He gave me his all. He had integrity and I trusted him in my professional career.

7.  Christine Ciccarelli, my best friend and confidante. I trust her with all the things no one else knows about me except her and I trust her with my life and reputation. We all have done some  things in our lives that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the local newspapers, but nothing illegal, I might add. .

8.  Dr, Marsha Smith, my OB, who I gave my trust to her when there was little hope that I could conceive, let alone carry a baby to full term. I trusted her and she helped me have the four children I have today. She even referred me to another Doctor, when she knew she couldn’t save my babies in a community hospital in Princeton, NJ.

9. Dr. Ronald Balignasay (not sure of the spelling) of Pennsylvania Hospital. In 1978, I was referred to him by Dr. Smith, when I was about to go into labor with 32 week gestational twins. When I arrived at Pennsylvania Hospital, I had a 60% chance one twin would survive. Dr. Balignasay  offered me a new drug to help hasten the development of my unborn twins lungs.  This drug was never used on a human before and I was the one to try it if I chose to do so. I have him my trust that he would do what was right for all of us, babies and me.  No guarantees, this was the most TRUST I ever gave to someone.

I’m falling short of the ten because, I have yet to meet these people. They are out there and when I find them, they will be given Trust Anchor vouches from me.

With this post, I wanted you to see what trust means to me. It’s not the job you have, it’s the decisions you make in your life that makes me trust you. You don’t have to be someone of importance, but you must have my trust.

A title  won’t get my trust.   I am looking to give my Trust Vouchers to the people we interact with every day, the folks that we TRUST with something that is of importance.

Learn more about how Connect.me is making the social web a better place.

3 thoughts on “What Trust Means to Me

  1. Nance–
    I can attest to the fact that you have grown since taking on your role. Already an awesome friend there is a fantastic sense of responsibility that comes across since you took on your position with them. Neat how these little synchronicity moments can turn into personal growth spurts.

  2. Nance, a valid post to show who and why your trust the people you do is inspiring! connect.me has been an eye opener for the idea of “trust” when you create relationships across the internet mixed with real life.

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